Elderly Couples Recall Happiest Moment

Take three elderly couples. Sit them down in a living room. Ask each of them what the happiest moments of their lives were. Get ready to cry. Insurance company Beagle Street are the company behind this sweet viral video and if you have four minutes to spare today, watch these elderly couples.

Maurice and Helen, both over 100 years old, talk about their first eventful meeting in a shop and how their first date was an all-night party. It took Maurice years after their marriage to be able to afford the engagement ring he felt his wife deserved. Betty talks about how she rushed to meet Doug in a hospital ward after he came home injured from the front in France in the Second World War. (This is the moment we started bawling.) Maureen and William talk about the birth of their first child and their wedding day. Maureen says she's happier now that she's ever been and that living through postwar Britain is the reason her generation appreciates what they have.

Emotional food for thought.


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