Eight of the best reality shows on Netflix to fill the upcoming Love Island void

If you've caught the reality TV bug from watching Love Island and are craving more, Netflix has some great options.

If you're a reality TV fanatic like me, then the thought of Love Island finishing in three weeks' time is nothing less than traumatic. But, don't worry — we've got your reality cravings covered.

1. Selling Sunset


Do you find yourself scrolling through Daft.ie or pondering into open show homes? Or are you just curious about the homes of the rich and famous? If so, this is exactly the show for you. It's like a modern-day Cribs with some extra drama thrown in.  It follows the lives of beautiful realtors who can earn up to $100,000 commission for one sale.


2. Yummy Mummies

One of the main reasons we love reality TV is because we get to look into the lives of the rich and famous, right? If you've had enough of The Kardashians but love that style of show, you've got to watch this. It follows the lives of three ‘yummy mummies’ living in Melbourne, Australia. They wear dresses and heels 24/7, drink champagne and dress their children head to toe in designer outfits — relatable? Probably not. But entertaining? Definitely.


3. Girls Incarcerated


On the complete opposite side of the reality TV show spectrum, we have Girls Incarcerated.  This show is more like a documentary and follows the lives of teenage girls incarcerated in two different juvenile correctional facilities in Indiana. It's interesting, harrowing at times and by the end, you really feel a connection to some of the girls.


4. Back with the Ex

reality TV

An absolutely bizarre concept, this reality show follows the lives of singletons and gives them a chance to reignite romance with an ex. They must decide whether to reignite an old spark or leave the past behind for good.



5. Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills

If you’re squeamish in any way, you’ll probably hate this deep dive into the California plastic surgery industry, but nevertheless, it is a fascinating watch. Set in Beverly Hills, these elite plastic surgeons put their A-list patients under the knife.



6. Shark Tank

reality TV


Do you have a Dragons' Den shaped hole in your heart? Not only is this the American equivalent which sees entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in front of a panel of ruthless investors, but Ashton Kutcher also features as one of the Sharks.



7. Dating Around

Is there anything we love more than having a look in at other people's dates? This is the perfect show to curl up to on a Sunday with a cup of tea in your PJ’s. Mindless watching.



8. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

If you haven’t heard of the phenomenon that is Maria Kondo, you must be living under a rock. She is the Mr.s Hinch of Netflix, with her very own show dedicated to helping people organise their homes. As she infamously says “If it doesn’t spark joy, throw it out”. This is the best show to have on in the background when you’re tidying the house and is so motivational.

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