Editor's Welcome - This Is June

They say if you need a job done, give it to a busy person. I’m willing to put my bias on the line (sorry, boys) and say if you need a job done right, give it to a busy woman. We are a force of multi-tasking, problem-solving, project- managing master jugglers. And that’s before leaving the house in the morning.

Even without children of my own, I find the work/life balance a constant tug-of-war, so I am completely in awe of the 12 Irish women empowering change on page 59. It is almost reductive to call these powerhouses inspirational. In a world filled with fear and negativity abounds, these women are articulate, competent, resilient agents of change who fill me with confidence for a future lled with hope and light. they operate independently and collaboratively to bring together resources and tools to empower, ignite and bring about meaningful change. From sport to healthcare, science to fashion, they are not only making a valuable impact on their respective industries, but on the world around them, and it is exceptionally rewarding to see their stories celebrated in print.

If that wasn’t enough to put a smile on your face, know that we went to great pains to limit our extensive initial list down to just the 12 who are featured. But stay tuned to all things IMAGE for many more inspirational stories coming your way very shortly.

Speaking of change, you might have noticed a few modifications to your favourite Irish glossy this month, most notably our size.

While bigger isn’t always better, when it comes to print, I believe the more, the merrier. In an era where clickbait rules and we fall asleep by the light of our smartphones (guilty, Your Honour), celebrating the beauty of a big, glossy magazine lled with smart women, intelligent content and desirable fashion is an affirmation of our commitment to you, the reader, and the power of print. You can also consider our little upgrade a very gentle nudge to take a little time out from the aforementioned juggle. Coffee or wine optional.


Until next month,
Rosaleen McMeel,


The June issue of IMAGE Magazine is on sale nationwide from May 25. 

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