Editor's Welcome: The September issue of IMAGE Magazine

The loyal readers among you will, by now, be accustomed to my September Welcome Letter and its inevitable inclusion of commentary about the speed with which this month has arrived (wasn’t it June yesterday?), the amount of effort involved in creating one of the biggest issues of the year (it never gets easier) and how I’m looking forward to a new season ahead (bring on the layering). All of the above remains true, but in addition to examining the trends and planning how we’ll integrate them seamlessly into our wardrobes, we’re also reflecting on life and its outrageous unpredictability. While much of my life has turned out far better than I could ever have imagined – I’ve accomplished and experienced so many things I once believed were beyond me – there are other boxes, pretty basic ones, that remain as of yet “unticked”, and have forced me to adjust the Sat Nav on my life in order to find my bearings in this new uncharted landscape ahead.

On page 88, Sophie White writes about the most devastating of hands life can deal, when a pregnant woman is told “sorry, we can’t find a heartbeat”. It is unfathomable to me that miscarriage remains shrouded in such secrecy, especially considering how many women will experience it in their lives – one in four, according to the latest statistics. Is it time to lift the lid on this last taboo? I certainly think so, but perhaps Sophie’s piece may help you to make up your own mind on this sensitive topic.

On page 82, Lia Hynes discusses the curves and culs-de-sac in her own journey she never saw coming, and how they have altered her perspective for better and for worse.

Whatever the challenges or the celebrations we may face, clothes can accompany our journey and be a catalyst for changing the way we think about ourselves or our day ahead. Along with the idea that changing our clothes alters our physicality, it’s fascinating to question what we take into account when getting dressed. On page 74, Marie Kelly interviews five women with “Ageless Style” to discover that the relevance of expressing your personality and your style doesn’t diminish with the passing years. On the contrary, it can become even more relevant. With that in mind, I hope you’ll find something that catches your eye in this issue, and this magazine gives you the respite you need to refresh and face the new season with a smile on your face.

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The September issue of IMAGE Magazine is on sale nationwide from August 16.


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