Editor's Welcome: The October issue of IMAGE Magazine

Is it just me or has autumn become cool all of a sudden? And I’m not just talking about the mercury dropping. When I was younger, summer was all anyone could talk about. Granted, we didn’t get all that much, so we treasured every Mr Freeze-worthy afternoon.

Winter received a considerable look-in, but that was mainly because of Christmas landing in the middle and brightening up an otherwise depressing time of year. Spring and autumn were “nothing seasons”, largely ignored. You waited them out like on a subs bench before a big game. Nowadays, both are considered important enough to have their own cheerleading squad. I was a reluctant recruit, but the fashion calendar coupled with considerable influence from the world of retail won me over. I’m now a pom-pom-shaking, spiced pumpkin latte-drinking advocate for autumn.

To quote french philosopher Albert Camus, “Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.” I like the idea of nature giving itself a second chance at beauty, and I see some parallels to the fashion world right now. While youth culture is still very much glorified, there is a counter-revolution taking place, which believes that the majority of women want to look good, regardless of age. Radical, huh?

We at IMAGE have always believed that women of all ages need to be represented, which is why you’ll always find this magazine to be a magical multi-generational mix, celebrating women at every decade. Because true style isn’t equivalent to a lack of laughter lines. It’s about confidence, which more often than not comes through experience.

One woman who values attributes and achievements of individuals rather than just how they look is Rosemary Smith, an icon of Irish motor racing, although I think you will agree she was fortunate in all departments. It was such a pleasure to work with Smith for this issue. Not only is her story deeply inspiring on many levels, her humour, spirit and tenacity brings to mind another elegant edict, this time from Coco Chanel, who said, “After 40, nobody is young, but one can be irresistible at any age.”


Happy autumn, everyone,

Until next month,

Rosaleen McMeel,


The October issue of IMAGE Magazine is on sale nationwide from September 28.


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