E2 Photo Diary

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When I left Trinity with an Arts degree I decided to pursue a career in architecture and began to get work experience. After three months doing research for the refurbishment of Dublin Castle I decided that what I really wanted to do was pursue my dream profession - photography instead. I packed up and now nearly two years later, having assisted in studios, on shoots and with photographers, I am working in the much more stable field of advertising. I work part-time, scouting for new directors and co-curating international short film showcases. For the rest of the week I freelance; working in social media, editorial research and working on my personal artwork and photography projects.

I live in East London, with friends from Trinity and a new work friend I've made since moving. East London is the social and creative hub of 'young' London and I love to spend my time exploring the area. I find that I can never be bored in this city, there is always so much to do; gigs to hear, exhibitions to see and so many great burgers to be eaten.

Last weekend was extra special as we had visitors. Nasta had lived with some of my close friends in third year and I hadn't seen her since then. She was buying costumes for her new band, which caused us endless entertainment. Nasta is based in Tours, where she creates music for Boys In Lilies and she was excited to bring back eccentric clothing for their performances.

On Saturday, I walked through Portobello Market in Notting Hill. It is such an amazing place for treats and delicious food. They have a diverse selection from Spanish to Carribean cuisine and although it's jam-packed on a Saturday, it's great for a meal and people watching.


Little later we popped into the National Portrait Gallery to see the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize. The exhibition is curated from open submissions and we were all inspired to submit our own work for next year.

On Sunday we decided that we would all go for a traditional pub lunch and a walk on Hampstead Heath. After braving the nipping winds of the Heath we were invited back to our friend, Dom's house for a heartening meal. We bought some fresh vegetables on Golder's Green High Street to make a delicious Winter vegetable soup.

Hannah-Clare Gordon

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