Dublin Tech Summit Offering Free Tickets To Women Working In Tech

In a bid to minimize the gender gap within the tech sector, the Dublin Tech Summit - Ireland's newest get together for innovators in business and tech around the world - have announced that 500 complimentary tickets are to be made available for women working in tech. The action has come following the need to include and promote more female lead jobs within the IT and science sectors here. For its inaugural?year, the summit will focus on a number of themes including?business, fin-tech, the internet of things, med-tech, big data, social enterprise, creativity, and women in tech. It's expected to attract more than 10,000 attendees and will feature over 200 key speakers.

Female speakers will include Julie Meyer, Founder of Ariadne Capital, Louise Phelan, VP of Global Operations PayPal, Jules Coleman, Founder of Hassle.com, Ayelet Noff, Founder & CEO of Blonde 2.0, and Gina London, Emmy Award Winner & Managing Director of The Pincus Group. Former TED Talk speaker and Founder & CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn, Cindy Gallop will also be speaking at the event.

Why aren't there more women working in tech? It's true: women are under-represented?in the tech industry, but this shouldn't?be a reflection of our ability to perform as equal to - if not better than - men. Traditionally speaking, sexism has been the root cause of this long-running problem where men were traditionally seen as superior to women and would be in line for higher salaries, higher prospectus, and greater opportunities. Statistics?compiled by nextgeneration.ie show that just 7% of tech jobs in Europe are filled by women, and while there are more women than ever studying in third level education, fewer women are pursuing jobs within IT and science sectors. It is assumed that this is due to gender stereotypes that is typically initiated from an early age in childhood (i.e the idea that only boys wear blue and only girls wear pink. Only a man can be a doctor and only a woman can be a nurse).


These complimentary tickets are now available to all women working in a tech company rather than a tech role and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. To find out if you are eligible, visit dublintechsummit.com/women-in-tech

This two-day event takes place at Dublin's Convention Centre on the 15th and 16th of February, 2017. For more general information visit dublintechsummit.com and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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