The 2019 Dublin Tech Summit is bigger and better than ever

The Dublin Tech Summit is back for its third year this April and this is your official call out.

The land of tech is no longer just for the digitally enthused, now it's a part of everyday life from the home to the workplace, no matter what sector it may be. It's an area where change is inevitable and innovations are a dime a dozen, meaning staying on top of advancements is imperative.

Taking place on the April 10 and 11 at the RDS, the 2019 Dublin Tech Summit will leave you inspired and with an improved skillset for the everchanging tech scenery. The move to a bigger venue and the inclusion of some prodigious keynote speakers means this year will be the most exciting yet.

Starting off the billing this year is Colonel Chris Hadfield, the astronaut who is often referred to as "the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong" but he is also an engineer, bestselling author and a particularly talented musician as this viral video of him singing the David Bowie hit 'Space Oddity' proves.

Also confirmed is Amazon Vice President and CTO Werner Vogels, NASA CTO Douglas Terrier and co-founder of Ethereum, Mihai Alisie.


Inclusivity and diversity are some of the main focus points of the Tech Summit and this year will see an array of talented and inspiring women who are making waves in tech world including Martha Lane Fox, co-founder of, Amanda Gutterman, ConsenSys Chief Marketing Officer, Elena Gomez Chief Financial Officer at Zendesk and Cassie Kozyrkove, Google Chief Decision Scientist.

The focus of this summit surrounds content, the emerging technologies of blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G and the possible impact they may have on business and society as a whole. The event is highly interactive with product demos, workshops and hackathons meaning you will walk away at the end of the day with new crucial knowledge and viewpoints.

In two short years, the summit has emerged as one of the largest tech conferences in Europe building a community and experience that is full of innovators who are making changes on a global front. And you can be a part of it.

Tickets are on sale now and you can get yours here.

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