Drive in discos and inflatable rings: Is this what clubs will look like when they reopen?

Clubs in The Netherlands, Germany and London are reopening with creative ways to socially distance on the dance floor

While restaurants and some pubs have reopened in phase three, clubs reopening seemed like a far off possibility.

Long queues into crowded venues with jam packed dance floors, clubs weren’t expected to open up worldwide for some time.

However, in countries like Germany and The Netherlands, club owners have devised creative ways to maintain a safe social distance on the dance floor.


Inflatable rings

Maggie’s Club in London has unveiled their social distancing plans for a near future reopening and it involves inflatable rings and litter pickers. The 1980s themed venue posted fun photos of their concept, where club goers are wearing donut rings and using litter pickers to cheers while keeping a one metre distance.

“As we await further clarity from Maggie and her government on reopening timescales and guidance, we have devised some fun solutions for potential distancing and PPE requirements,” the club announced. “We will use Club Tropicana style inflatable rubber rings and litter pickers to keep that distance in a safe, yet entertaining, way!”

Drive-in disco


Usually known for their lit raves, Club Index in Schüttorf, Germany, has kept the party going by hosting ‘autodiscos’. People drive their cars to the venue and park in front of the stage (similar to a drive-in cinema). Then the DJ starts by spinning beats with the same theatrics of an outdoor rave: flashing lights, smoke, a dancing teddy bear (the usual).

Friends can dance along in their cars, waving glow sticks with their windows rolled down. The club has had no problem selling tickets too. Their carpark looks just as packed as a 2am dance floor in Coppers.

Musical chairs

Dutch club Doornroosje has taken a more seated approach (literally!) to reopening. Club goers are required to sit in folding chairs, spaced out on the dance floor in front of the DJ booth. The guests seem happy enough, chilling with a drink and dancing along in their seat.


“It was fun to experiment and look at the possibilities that do exist for social distancing,” the club said. “It was a completely new experience for the visitors, DJs and also for us as an organization. But it’s nice to enjoy the atmosphere and hear live music again.” 

While Irish clubs will have to wait longer to reopen, it’s interesting to see what adaptations they might make if they follow these clubs' creativity.

Feature image: Instagram/@maggies_club


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