Drinking Tea Every Day Helps Women Live Longer

Dear everyone who hates on women being basic for writing about loving tea in their Twitter bios, turns out a committed relationship with the popular hot drink may actually lead to living longer. A new study has found drinking an average of two cups of tea day may be linked to women in their seventies and eighties living longer. *scrambles to put on the kettle* The study was done by Australian researchers and tracked 1000 women over the age of 75, according to the Daily Mail.

The diets of these women were looked at and the women in the study who lived the longest (88% survived the length of the study) were those who drank two of cups tea on average every day. In fact, their odds of living longer were 40% better than the caffeine dodgers.

Why is tea so good at staving off death? The researchers say this is down to the flavonoids found in tea, plant compounds associated with a host of healthy benefits. The higher the count, the better your chances at living longer/surviving the time allotted for a study on ageing. While red wine and chocolate, depending on the type and brand, also contain flavonoids, tea had a higher and more concentrated density of these magical compounds have been linked to lower blood pressure and stronger bones. The daily required amount of flavonoids is around the 350mg mark, with two cups of tea being the best and most reliable source.


Tea has also been linked to decreased risks in cardiovascular disease and thrombosis, meaning it's a great choice for the elderly. The study also found that women who drank tea on a daily basis were less likely to die from heart disease and cancer - has that kettle boiled yet?

Via The Daily Mail?

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