Drake Opens Up About Madonna Kiss

The one story that's been doing the rounds this week is undoubtedly that Madonna/Drake macking session at last weekend's Coachella. Less so on Drake's part, more so Madonna pinning him down for a round of tonsil hockey while he's left gasping for air, trying desperately to escape her determined clutches. Some rumours suggested that Drake appeared to be so disgusted with the kiss because her lipstick tasted funny, others mused that she may well have bit him - hence the look of pure torture on his face - while we here at IMAGE assumed Madge probably overdid it on the garlic bruschetta before her performance, leaving Drake with a rather pungent taste in his mouth. Garlic kisses are just never okay, not even when you're disgustingly in love.

Here to put your curious minds to rest, Drake sets the record straight on Instagram, telling the world that despite the look on his face, he really rather enjoyed it. And, you know, you should really never read into body language or extreme facial expressions; they mean nothing...

Don't misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel 💯 about that forever. Thank [email protected]

Lies, all lies!


Madonna came under various kinds of scrutiny across social media following the kiss: some felt uncomfortable about the age difference (she's 56, he's 28) while others figured it was pretty out of line given that it certainly looks like Drake is far from consenting. Then there were questions such as 'well, what if it were the other way around?'

As it was all part of their performance, and it's Madonna - who we all know likes to get a reaction, remember the Britney kiss? -?we're viewing it as a bit of fun and leaving our knickers happily un-twisted.

What did you make of the kiss?

This isn't the first time Madonna shocked her fans mid performance. In case you forgot, she fell (and sort of flew through the air mid fall) during her Brit Awards performance. What will it be next?

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