Pippa Middleton And The Politics of The Wedding Outfit

P-Middy has been called out for being an unsound wedding guest after attending nuptials in Stockholm over the weekend with her new husband, James Matthews wearing a floor-length floral dress.

Newly married and glowing from her recent honeymoon, Middleton The Younger was rocking an Erdem dress for the wedding of?J?ns Bartholdson and Anna Ridderstad last Saturday.



The attention-grabbing dress choice did raise a few eyebrows in the Twitter-sphere, though it has to be said Middleton could hardly attend any?event without grabbing attention and potentially detracting from the bride. Also is it not time that we?call time on the ridiculous rules of wedding outfit choices?

I've been a bride(zilla) and one of the guests at my wedding wore white. I didn't notice this until another friend pointed it out to me and once I had spotted it I definitely don't remember thinking much of it beyond wondering why the messenger?was apparently trying to sh*t-stir? Of course at the time my attention was being monopolised by a dress that was upstaging me at far closer quarters: The man I was marrying had taken it upon himself to wear a kilt - he has no Scottish connections whatsoever and as near as I can tell the outfit choice was mainly motivated by ambivalence towards a suit and presumably the desire to upstage me. No joke, his dress was all anyone was talking about at our wedding. Rage.

As a serial wedding attendee, I have noticed that there are certain unspoken rules regarding outfits.?No white may be worn, no dresses from Coast/Monsoon/insert relevant shop here. Recently stories of brides demanding that members?of the bridal party dye their hair or lose weight have gone viral, such is our appetite for vilifying the ridiculous whims of brides who have lost the run of themselves. There does seem to be a certain understanding that you shouldn't look too good when attending a wedding but anyone perceived to be attempting to grab attention from the bride is usually pretty roundly mocked, so it's rather like a self-policing system. Another guest?at my wedding did a Mariah Carey-style costume change between the registry office and the reception - a move usually reserved for the bride - this still makes me laugh thinking of it five years later and I'm not a more magnanimous person or anything I just think we're overstating how cray cray the contemporary bride actually is.

In reality, how many times have our own friends lost the plot with regards something as superficial as the outfits of their wedding guests? In fairness, they're usually much more concerned with their own dress to be bothered by ours. I feel the wedding outfit politics is overstated... says the person who's planning on wearing a floor-length, blush gown and veil to a forthcoming wedding.

What do you think? Did anyone try to upstage you at your?wedding? Tag them in the comments!

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