Don't Panic, But A Prosecco Shortage May Be Happening

Bubbly drink-lovers, we urge you not to panic, but we are quite alarmed at the latest news that the beloved fizzed concoction that is prosecco is in such demand that its Italian producers say it is a very real?problem. We love to enjoy a celebratory glass (or two) not only around this festive time a year?but during the eleven months that proceed December - more than 86 million bottles were consumed in Britain alone last year - so much so that?the?huge demand for the popular'drink is "stripping the landscape of northern Italy" and harming wildlife, according to The Times.

It is now the most popular drink on the sparkling wine market - even a bottle of champagne won't cut the mustard anymore as prosecco outsells it - with sales up by 50 percent last year alone.

Italy is struggling to keep up with production, and as a result, the huge increase in demand has reduced the drink's quality and raised the price, according to critics. Rumours are always rife in the booze industry that some sort of prosecco shortage will befall us (and it always seems to be around Christmas), but retailers are apparently ready to offer alternatives, just in case.


In the meantime, if you're planning to enjoy a few glasses over the coming days, we recommend doing so before the global shortage really does kick in. And, champagne isn't a bad alternative either, should you feel the urge to have a plan B in your drinks cabinet.

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