Domhnall Gleeson's Role In New Star Wars Film Revealed

Irish actor of the moment Domhnall Gleeson, has finally revealed his new role in the much anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. Gleeson attended the Comic-Con 2015 festival at the weekend with his fellow cast members and told the eager crowd that he would be playing a villain. And not just any villain, a villain with a British accent.

Here's Domhnall wielding a lightsaber at Comic-Con. Just because. Here's Domhnall wielding a lightsaber at Comic-Con. Just because.

We are majorly excited about this. We've yet to see Gleeson in a real ?bad guy? role and can't wait to see how him being all evil (hopefully) works out, while he dons a Star Wars prop or two. Gleeson said his character General Hux is "definitely evil" and also accidentally revealed (much to the delight of the movie's producers we're sure) that the name of his post in the new movie is Starkiller Base. Gleeson joins fellow actors Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie in the baddie camp.. Those two facts were the biggest reveals of the Star Wars panel, as director J.J. Abrams kept the secretive Star Wars thing he has going on up for the whole Comic Con Q&A. To be fair, he only looked at Gleeson with a half-serious glare when he accidentally revealed his post name.

Gleeson was joined by veteran actors Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher at the event. The film is due for release later this year, and now we're even more excited for it. And as an aside, how well is Gleeson looking these days? Seriously well, we reckon.


Gleeson is also the star of a behind-the-scenes look on the Star Wars set (sans beard, which we're slightly disappointed by as we love his beard), which you can watch below:

Are you excited to see him in the movie?

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