Domhnall Gleeson Had A Panic Attack Over Star Wars

Domhnall Gleeson is on the cusp of major stardom after his role in indie sci-fi hit Ex Machina and the seventh installation of Star Wars on the horizon. However, this young talent was very nearly not part of the space opera saga that has inspired decades of devotion the world over. In fact, the thought of joining the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens gave Gleeson a full-on panic attack.

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The actor is interviewed in this month's Interview magazine by one Angelina Jolie and said he tends to be quite careful about what parts he chooses. When he met with Star Wars director J.J. Abrams about his possible role in the movie, he told him he needed to read the script. That's a pretty ballsy move from a young actor when faced with the part of a lifetime in the world's most secretive movie. Domhnall had until that night to make a decision on whether he would sign on to star. ?I had to make a decision that night whether I was going to be at the table-read the next day, which meant signing the deal. So that night I did have a panic attack,? he told Jolie.

Besides his usual cautious approach to CV building, another reason Domhnall wasn't all in straight away was the privacy angle. He rang his agents straight away after signing, ?I called them up and I was like, ?What have I done? I like my privacy.??

However, it all seems fine now. Domhnall has come to terms with impending mega-stardom. There was that iconic cast photo of the new Star Wars movie, he attended last month's Met Gala in a very dashing tuxedo and is one of the three cover stars of Interview's Youth Wave issue. We think this down to earth guy will handle fame just about fine.

The 32-year-old actor also talked about his family in the interview, and how his mother, who is not an actor, is just as influential in his life as his famous father. "People always want to ask me about my dad. Which I get because he's a phenomenal actor, and that's for the world, that's out there," he said. "But my mother is every bit as impressive and as important for the world as my dad is. It's just that she's not an actor. She was a community welfare officer. She did as much good for as many people." Can we marry him?

Between Hozier and Domhnall, don't expect Irish men to cut their hair for about a year.


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