Do You Know About The ?Five Second Wait? Wedding Tip?

Perhaps this is a well known, unspoken rule that all-brides-to-be aren't vocal?about, but as this writer has yet to be married herself, this is something that is new in terms of wedding vocabulary.

According to, it's worth taking note and investing in what's known as the Five Second Wait rule. This refers to the moment just after the bride and groom have been announced man and wife, just before they walk down the aisle.

Apparently, it's worth taking those few seconds, just to cherish the memories on what will be one of the happiest days of your life.

?This moment will be a signature event in what psychologists call your 'autobiographical memories,'" said Karl Pillemer, Ph.D., a Cornell University gerontologist and author of 30 Lessons for Loving. "These are very positive memories that can help you be happier for a lifetime. In the future, as you look back on the day, it will trigger a cascade of positive emotions associated with it. The memory of that moment after you say 'I do' and turn to face your guests is one that can benefit your relationship life and your happiness long after."

This poignant pause is all about savouring the moment as you take your first steps together as man and wife, according to Pillemer.


"You're going to be in the flow of the moment, which is what you need to be," Dr. Pillemer continued. "But you can take a lesson from the science of savoring, which means consciously directing our awareness to the positive experience and positive emotions involved. The goal is focus on savoring what, in that moment, you would like to remember."

This makes sense, and we like the thought of really trying to save the memories of the happy moment.

Pillemer has spent the last five years interviewing hundreds of long-term married couples, and advises couples to really appreciate it. "Don't rush it. Take a few seconds to focus on what you want to recall decades from now. Studies confirm that consciously looking for positive features of experiences make a great difference in your emotional life,? he explained.

Have you done or heard of this before? It seems like a nice thing to do and may be the only moment you get to stop and think after the hustle and bustle of the day.

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