DJ Tara Stewart shared her Christmas Party playlist with us, and it's full of bangers

Tonight's the night for many of us to put on our dancing shoes and embarrass ourselves no end in front of our bosses at the Christmas party, and Tara Stewart and her Christmas playlist has us ready

You've the dresses bought (a girl needs a few options at this time of year), the Instagram make-up looks saved, and the prosecco chilling in the office fridge — it's Christmas party night, the very best of the year. But one very important task still remains — the ever-important playlist to get things moving.

A good Christmas party playlist must be many things — it must have the middle-of-the-road Top 40 stuff to start things off; it has to have the dancey-ravey stuff for when the party vibes kick in; it must include plenty of the cheesiest 90s diva ballads for the embarrassment to truly commence; and finally, a good smattering of classic Christmas tunes to get everyone hugging on the dance floor.

It is no small responsibility to be tasked with curating the Christmas party playlist — this is the task that will make or break your office reputation more than any other big project in the works. Will you be known as the sound buzzer or the tragic fun sponge? Only a good playlist will decide.


The easiest answer to the predicament? Cheat a little, and borrow from the experts. DJ Tara Stewart is one of the biggest names on the Dublin music circuit, playing in all of the coolest venues, events and looking fabulous all the while, as she shows off her penchant for slow fashion. We had a feeling Tara's playlists were legendary, and when she shared her Christmas party special, we were not disappointed.

Here are just a few of the essentials:

Man! I Feel Like a Woman — Shania Twain

If the words "let's go girls" don't awaken a fire deep in your soul, then you are not a Christmas party woman.

Freed from Desire — Gala


Essential for any Irish get together. Feel free to improvise with this one — popular revisions include Shane Long's on fire, if you want to look like you know anything about sports.

If I Could Turn Back Time — Cher

My ultimate karaoke tune. This is the 80's summed up in four minutes, and we could only dream to pull off that fishnet outfit as well as Cher did.

Proud Mary — Tina Turner

Injuries probable, but it's well worth it. This is a true build-up type of song — singing Proud Mary in its entirety, complete with all necessary dance moves, will sweat the future hangover right out of you.


Good as Hell — Lizzo

If it's a 2019 Christmas party and Lizzo isn't included in some way, something's wrong. Time Magazine's Entertainer of the Year, and for good reason — this is one for all the girls in the office.

Crazy in Love (Homecoming Live) — Beyoncé

Again, injuries probable. Expect to see a lot of women walking/strutting across the dancefloor in opposite directions before attempting to twerk. Also, since it's the Homecoming version, it demands to be watched as well as listened to. What a woman.

Last Christmas — Wham!


Finishing off with a Christmas classic. This is when you can expect to spot the fledgeling office romances blossom across the dance floor — keep the eyes peeled.

Sound good? Listen to the playlist in full on Spotify

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