DIY Escort Cards

We're loving escort cards lately, especially when they are as awesome as the geometric beauts we created for Volume Four's DIY decor story.?Why not try your hand at making them? Download the template and get cracking.


Steady fingers

Download your template here

Pen, scissors and glue

Name tags (find instructions for these in Volume Four, on shelves now)



  1. Cut around all the outer lines to make a zigzag shape
  2. Glue flap A to edge B
  3. Then glue each flap to the edge closest to it, until you have a solid structure, with an open lid
  4. Glue name tags to inside of box
  5. Fill with treats, then loosely close lid


Jo Murphy Photography //?Nikki Doyle // Jennifer Stafford

Psst? check out our wildflower escort display in BASH Volume Four, on shelves now

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