Skater and photographer Richard Gilligan will be showcasing his work shot across the US and Europe from over the past four years in his latest exhibition for the Copper House Gallery, DIY.Richard_gilligan Exploring hand-made skating structures and their potential for transforming and superimposing themselves onto urban landscapes, his photographs link the skater community and their physical presence on cityscapes. The uncertain impermanence of the skater parks is presented as a form of counter culture that seeks to transcend structured and limited environments, whether they be social, moral or architectural.DIY_2 By documenting its spaces, Rich Gilligan tells the story of a community's continual efforts at self-expression as a way of sustaining their common love for skating. ?Gilligan was the 2012 winner of SHOWCASE, a joint initiative by The Copper House Gallery and the Gallery of Photography, Ireland. The exhibition will also see the launch of the second edition of Gilligan's book DIY, as part of this year's OFFSET.

Opens this Thursday, runs until April 13th. Free.


Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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