Divorce Update: Mandy Moore And Ryan Adams Are Arguing About The Dogs

This has been a year marred by geo-political strife and human tragedy, but I'm starting to think we need a dedicated tab on the site relating to celebrity break-ups. It's getting a tad relentless. The amicable divorce announcements. The constant tabloid speculation on why Ben Affleck wouldn't move out of the house. Emerging nannies. Men who don't understand you never agree to syncing a tech device when you've been bold on another.

One divorcing couple who managed to keep their names out of the headlines for the most part was Mandy Moore and singer Ryan Adams. Until now. After months of quiet, the 31-year-old actress is asking her soon-to-be ex pay her spousal support and help cover?the costs associated with caring for at least four of their eight pets. Yes, eight pets. E! News is reporting that Moore wants over $36,000 in spousal support, as well as $100,000 for her attorney and $50,000 for her accountant. And there is the matter of their furry squad, which comprises of six cats and two dogs. Moore is requesting Adams ?contribute to the care of and expenses related to the parties' eight pets by assuming responsibility for at least four of them."

It's a request garnering headlines, but we can sort of see where Moore is coming from. Looking after that many pets is demanding, both physically and financially. In her filing to the court, Moore says, "Although I love our pets, it is overwhelming for me to take care of all eight of them all the time." The court documents require that Moore list her income and expenses, and she says that she's spending $2,600 a month for her pets. Her other costs include $37,000 for her mortgage and other expenses, $11,000 for clothes and $3000 for a housekeeper. She's managing on $31,000 a month income, thus leading to her asking Adams for help. Moore claims he hasn't contributed financially to the pets since they split in January earlier this year. Considering Adams makes over $150,000 a month, according to Moore, it seems only fair he help her out. I don't know. I have a lot of love for Mandy because of A Walk To Remember. And How To Deal.


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