Dirty Women

New survey says we don't shower daily or take off make-up...

Apparently, women are supposed to wash their bodies vigorously every single morning, as well as removing every last scrap of make-up before bed, or else you run the risk of being lumped among these 'shocking' statistics that reveal the truth about British women's washing habits.

Admittedly, this writer is guilty on several counts. If her alarm succeeds in waking her up (surprising how often this fails), she'll hop into the shower for an energising rinse in which she will stare at the tiles 'til the water runs cold, only remembering to actually get to the washing part at the very last minute. However, there are, admittedly, those days when the bed is much too warm to leave and that post-shower shiver seems more far more manageable later in the day. Or better yet, a bubble bath. And as for a full facial cleanse before bed every night? Well that would be just wildly successful. There is always SOME residual mascara, unwilling to part ways with our lashes. But perhaps, we should try harder.

If this sounds familiar to you, we hate to tell you that you are, in fact, disgusting (well, only according to other publications to comment on this study). According to a UK survey published by the Mirror, two thirds of us 'can't be bothered' removing our make-up before bed, while four out of five women admit that they don't shower every single day. What's more, a third of British women surveyed revealed that they can go as far as three days without washing their bodies while one in eight owned up to not brushing their teeth before they go to sleep. These statistics are based on a sample size of 2021 women aged between the ages of 18 to 50.


So why the grossness? Ah, let's blame time. As per the report, the women surveyed blame their less than favourable personal hygiene on time constraints. While 92% of the women surveyed said that they were well aware of the importance of good skin care, they admitted to being too tired and stuck for a time late night or early morning scrubbing session. 89% of those surveyed said they would like very much to improve their hygiene which means that 11% of women are more than happy to revel in their own dirt.

We wonder, here at IMAGE.ie, if these statistics will transfer to Irish women, especially when we have the excuse of the water charges.
Each to their own, we say.


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