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We met S?odhna on our October issue Real Women shoot and were positively inspired by her ideas and business prowess. Her work as marketing consultant at Inspired Thinking sees S?odhna disassemble the lingo in marketing that small businesses find intimidating ?I like to dispel those myths, cut through all that by being a straightforward, no-nonsense marketer,? while with DigiWomen, which she co-founded along with Rita Tobin and Pauline Sargent, she's out to connect, educate and inspire female entrepreneurs in the digital industry in Ireland, and recently contributed to a government policy document on improving our poor female entrepreneurship ratio. ?I think with the technology revolution that's happening around the world right now, people and businesses are experiencing information overload. The noise and clutter is deafening,? she says. ?I guess I am used to working in businesses that have enormous amounts of data and information available, and I really had to work at taking out the important insights in order to make big decisions. I work with my clients to do the exact same thing.?

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