Did Mary-Kate Olsen Secretly Marry?

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy may have married. The two intensely private, and height opposite, lovebirds were spotted eating while wearing matching gold bands. Lucky magazine tweeted the image that has us and all The Row fans sending congratulations to the childstar-turned-acclaimed-designer-and-luxe-cardigan-ambassador and Nicholas Sarkozy's brother.

The couple reportedly affianced last Spring. However Mary-Kate and Olivier never confirmed the rumours, letting her impressive vintage Cartier engagement ring do all the speculative talking. The couple has dating for over two years with their initial coupling attracting column inches due to their age gap - 17 years - and Olivier's private life. His ex-wife allegedly called the relationship ?grotesque?. However the couple proved all the critics wrong and have seemed devoted to each other despite the difference in their ages. Maybe the fact they're both successful business people - Olivier is the managing director of a finance company - means they click and totally understand where the other is coming from?

However, never let it be forgotten that Mary-Kate's potential step-daughter is taller than her.


Mary-Kate and her twin Ashley recently moved into the bridal sphere when they designed a gown for their long-time friend Molly Fishkin's wedding this summer. Anyone brave enough to offer odds on whether Mary-Kate's potential gown came with the Olsen stamp of approval?

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