Details Of Princess Diana's Will Made Public

18 years after her death, and peoples? fascination with all things Princess Diana related does not seem to be abating. This week the deceased princess is making headlines with the reveal of her will drawing curious glances.

A new British site called Probate Search has made the details of her will public. For €15, subscribers to the site can access the wills of famous figures, including Princess Diana and Winston Churchill.

And what exactly was Diana's personal legacy? At the time of death aged 36, Princess Diana held an estate worth €21.4 million. Her art and antique collection were distributed among her godchildren, of which she had 17.

She left her butler Paul Burrell €50,000, tax-free. This bequest didn't stop Burrell from writing an avalanche of books about his life as the princess? butler, friend and confidante. Nor did it help him say no to appearing on a reality show about celebrities sleeping in the Australian jungle. (Tidbit: Paul Burrell also 'starred? as a judge on American Princess in 2007, a show that helped transform uncouth American women into British ladies.)

The rest of her estate went to her two sons, Princes Harry and William. She also left them her wedding dress, one of the most famous dresses in fashion history.


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