Designer Susannagh Grogan

It's safe to say that scarf designer?Susannagh Grogan?has been having a good year. Not only did she walk away with the Best New Fashion Product Award at this year's Showcase, but she's also just designed a limited edition scarf exclusively for retail giant Anthropologie. We popped into her bright and colourful Dun Laoghaire studio and had to restrain ourselves from nicking one of her beautiful creations (and her adorable dog Messi!).

I would describe my style as:?Classic with a twist or pop.

An average day starts with:?Waking up before the rest of the house and having a quiet hour or so of peace, which I really like. I used to get up as late as possible and rush out, so it's quite a turn around.

And ends with:?Some rubbish TV and an early night!


I am most inspired by:?Visual beauty; a bunch of flowers, stunning craftmanship, some fabric, a colour scheme and creative people. The internet is a fabulous?library?and sites like Pinterest are great for a quick fix.

What I love most about my job is:?The flexibility of the work and the opportunity to make decisions and take risks.?I also love the diversity of running my own business. Mostly though, I enjoy the creative side of it and I really love it when I see someone wearing one of my designs.

My advice for anyone working alone is:?Try and work away from home. If it's not possible, have clear boundaries so home and work life'don't'merge. Get out and network and try to meet like-minded people who you can bounce ideas and problems off.

This year, I'm most looking forward to:?Continuing to grow my business, and having a break at some stage???or at least the promise of it!

The last book I read and loved was:?Gone Girl?by Gillian Flynn.

If I wasn't doing this I would probably be doing ??I've no idea! Life has already taken some big turns. So I just couldn't imagine and who knows what excitements are the around the corner!

The soundtrack to my day right now is:?Pink and the radio in the car (I channel surf) and then blessed silence at work.


My top tip for chic scarf style is :?Don't worry about not knowing how to wear one properly. Throw it on, wrap it round and off you go.

Words and photos by Nathalie Marquez. To learn more about Susannah, pick up a copy of the current IMAGE Interiors & Living, on newsstands now.

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