Deep South Weddings

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When Garth Brooks never came, I was stunned to suddenly realize just how popular Southern subculture had become across our Emerald Isle. And this newfound fascination was not just musical; it has infiltrated many facets of daily life - including, oh yes, wedding decor. So, embrace your inner cowgirl and plan yourself a hoedown with these simple steps. Can I get a yeehaw?


Pulled pork has overwhelmed our taste buds in recent months, securing its status as a treat staple. Alongside the succulent swine, hot chicken and mac and cheese are always popular with Irish tummies. Treat your guests to the wonders of Southern cooking with bite-size portions of this mouthwatering cuisine, thus allowing them to savour a pulled pork slider, minus the inconvenience of its contents garnishing outfits. If you're wondering what to have for dessert, there's only one word you need on your menu; Pie. Fill yours with a selection of apple, pecan and cherry, for ultimate enjoyment. A spread like this will have your guests rolling into the dosey-doe.


Extend Southern livin? beyond greedy tummies for a cohesive soir?e. Nashville, Tennessee is famed as the oldest printing town in America, and also home to Hatch Show Print, an institution in letterpress printing. Bold and gorgeously colourful woodblock type is the key ingredient for their concert posters, synonymous to Hatch's style. Why not work their iconic aesthetic your invites? Your guests will have a cool keepsake that they can frame for their living room, as well as knowing when and where to go for your nuptials. And, with invites like these you'll be guaranteed a full house, or should we say barn?


Mason jars are a must if you are in any way serious about your Southern theme. We showed you some really cool ways to make them a feature in your wedding, a few weeks ago - need your memory refreshed? Check these jar-mazing treats


Compliment your jars with other rustic furnishings like wooden barrels and crates, to exude southern charm. Music is an integral part of Southern culture (just don't mention the Garth word) - why not make a keepsake of your event's soundtrack, in vinyl-form.

There you have it: Southern Belle transformation complete.

For more ideas on how to choose a wedding scheme with a difference, pick up a copy of BASH Volume Five - oh, and keep an eye on our Pinterest.

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