Why 'Dear Joan and Jericha' is the hilarious podcast you NEED in your life

Allow us to introduce to you to 'Dear Joan and Jericha'; the latest satirical podcast that has us all crying with laughter, be it on our commutes to work, cleaning the kitchen, or in the gym.

Agony Aunts

Joan Damry and Jericha Domain are the hosts of their agony aunt-style show, specialising in "life coaching, female sexual health, psycho-genital counseling and sports journalism", despite being qualified in absolutely none of the above.

In each episode, the duo receive “listener questions”, which include in-depth descriptions of relationship failures, sexual queries and general female angst. The issues fall on the most extreme end of the preposterous and devastating scale, and yet the retorts and quips that are hurled from our hosts are so insulting, flippant and hilarious that I have, on more than one occasion, exploded in uncontrollable laughter whilst on the bus.

Judgey, sexist & self-righteous


Joan and Jericha are clueless and insensitive in the way Bridget Jones’ mother was, except they manage to dish out more offense in one episode than she ever did throughout the Bridget Jones series.

These are awful women; judgey, sexist, self-righteous, and under some delusion that their advice will be of some benefit to the receiver.  As agony aunts they are astonishingly lacking in empathy; feeding off each other’s incremental ridiculousness with a level of conviction that makes you question whether this is actually a farce, or if it could possibly, maybe, potentially, be… real?

(It’s not real, it's just incredible comedic acting)

Quick wit

It’s the quick wit and inadvertent humour that podcast creators Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine (who play Joan and Jericha) wield in every jugdey comment and off-the-cuff insult, that keeps us wanting more. They are a caricature of the worst kind of woman we have all met at a school hall bake sale/ family gathering/ in the queue at Marks and Spencers; offering unsolicited parenting advice, or tut-tutting at the state of your nails.

This is a podcast which you probably shouldn’t listen to if you’re easily offended, or if you’re enjoying a nice meal or drink. The odds of you being lampooned into audio hilarity at the precise moment after you have taken a big gulp or bite, are high. As my many stained outfits will testify to.

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