Day 1

In the mornings, I'm generally a serial rusher rather than a cereal eater. I have two kids to get moving, as well as myself, and we have the typical dynamic of rush, rush, and rush. Breakfast for me is pretty much an afterthought - a latte and a bagel or just some fruit at my desk often has to suffice. The beginning of the year saw me make some righteous resolutions that I haven't quite managed to make habit yet (what? It's June?). So I heard of the Kellogg's All-Bran Five Day Challenge and I elected myself to be the person to try it out. Five days sounds fine - doable, achievable and simple. The facts state that most Irish people would benefit from increasing their fibre intake by around one third to achieve good digestive health*, and that the easiest way to do this is to consume foods rich in wheat bran (such as Kelloggs All Bran), so seeing as it sounds like an easy challenge with a myriad of benefits, I decided to embark.

Generally, I have been trying to get my diet to a good place in the past few months. I'm eating clean, cutting down on refined sugar and seriously upping my fruit and veg intake. The Five Day Challenge sounds like a good accompaniment to my health kick. Off I go!


*Professor Eamonn Quigley, MD, FACP, FACG, Chair of the World Gastroenterology Organisation.

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