David Beckham Let Daughter Harper Design His New Tattoo

We've always thought that sporting legend David Beckham was a definite contender for Celebrity Dad of the Year 2015, and if his latest lovely?gesture is anything to go by, we should start polishing that award now.

Beckham has made no secret of the fact that first and foremost, he is a family man. He dotes on his wife and four?children; he hits back at anyone who may unjustly question his parenting skills, frequently gushes about his talented other half is (which is true, naturally) and gets tattoos to honour his only daughter. Can we all say a collective aww?

He is known for his infamous collection of tattoos, and he recently revealed he got another two more, and this time, he let his daughter Harper do the design work. The little budding artist came up with this sketch and her proud dad was only too happy to make sure that he could have a permanent reminder of the drawing.

Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy ??

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"Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy," the athlete wrote on Instagram debuting his palm tattoo. Equally proud mum Victoria was quick to praise her daughter's handy work. "Harper is a true little artist," the fashion designer added. The father of four already has Pretty Lady and "Harper" in honour of his youngest child. And the devoted dad did not forget about his boys.

The boys expressing how they feel about daddy ??????

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He also tattooed "We Love You Daddy" on his left ribcage.

"The boys expressing how they feel about daddy," Beckham commented.

The family is clearly united in their support and love for one another, and it is just charming to see.

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