How I'm doing date night during social-distancing

With everyone largely housebound, and with couples being forced apart, date night during the Covid-19 pandemic can be tricky to navigate. Here's how I'm doing it

Covid-19 has robbed so many of us of our social lives, love lives and work routines. I'm grateful it hasn't (yet) robbed me of my health. But still, life in isolation is exactly that: isolating – and right now, there's no end to it in sight.

I miss human interaction. My dog is great and everything – and he's certainly a good boy for cuddles – but it's not quite the same as being with a person or people.

Date night, quarantine-style


My boyfriend and I don't currently live together, and with the two of us staying apart in our respective houses, our relationship has hit a speedbump of sorts.

Last night, we tried to regain some sense of normality. A date night, quarantine-style.

At 9 pm, we both hit play on the same film on Netflix (the classic 1989 rom-com When Harry Met Sally). While the film played, we chatted back and forth on the phone in the same way we would if we were in the same room.

I dimmed the lights, lit candles and we both indulged in snacks. It almost felt like the real deal. Almost.

The lack of intimacy is tough. I'm a tactile person but haven't had so much as a hug in days. Weeks, nearly. But our health is more important than anything right now.

In these strange times, we have to take every opportunity to live our lives as normally as possible. If that means a date through the phone, so be it.

We're not the only ones making the best of an isolating situation. A friend of mine had a 'family dinner' this week, whereby one person dropped takeaway at everyone's doorstep, before returning home to conference call them on Zoom. They all ate the same meal and chatted face-to-face (albeit through a screen), and felt much more connected afterwards.


Other friends are doing the same thing this weekend, only with a few glasses of wine and a cheeseboard. It's as close to their usual routine they can get.

While it feels somewhat Black Mirror-ish, I'm grateful technology is allowing us to connect in this way. Cheers to the high-speed, wireless silver lining.

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