Danny O'Reilly's Performance of Grace for the 1916 Centenary Will Blow You Away

I'm not normally a fan of The Coronas but sweet baby Jesus this is beautiful. As part of the 1916 celebrations that reach their climax this Easter weekend, of which there are many, Danny O'Reilly nabbed his sister, Roisin O'Reilly and cousin Aoife Scott to perform the most stunning vocal rendition of Grace inside Kilmainham Gaol, where the story of the song is set. Their captivating performance is part of RTE's centenary.

This song has always stopped me in my tracks. It's deeply moving, beautifully written and the fact that it's based on true events from this particular time in Irish history, it resonates all the more.

Apart from those times I bully my Dad into singing this at many a family sing-song, it's so rare to hear this song anymore. Written by Frank and Sean o'Meara, the song centres around Grace Gifford, who married Joseph Plunkett right before his execution right there in Kilmainham.


Expect lots of chills, and stay tuned to RTE at 9.35pm on Easter Sunday. You'll be hard pushed not to shed a tear with this rare performance.

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