Daniel Radcliffe Calls Out Media's Hypocrisy

We've had a full-on crush on Daniel Radcliffe for sometime now. He's made some pretty offbeat but great career choices in the wake of?Harry Potter.?What If was an indie romantic comedy without the twee.?The Cripple of Inishmann a West End and Broadway smash that had us ringing the Credit Union to see if we still had some secret rainy day funds stowed away - turns out we didn't. However, despite the young gentleman's acting chops we mostly fancy Radcliffe because he's hilariously witty in interviews. And a bit wacky if this rap incident is an indicator.

He's also incisive, and if Joseph Gordon-Levitt's championing of feminism has taught us anything, it's that women love a man who 'gets' gender politics. In an interview with Associated Press for his latest movie?Horns, another quirky drama in which his character grows horns after the death of his lover, he took apart the constant refrain that he's an unconvential sex symbol by pointing out that young women are automatically made into sex symbols by the media.

?Around the time of?What If, the rom-com coming out, a lot of people were saying, ?You're really an unconventional romantic lead.? And so eventually I got bored of hearing that and I kind of picked someone up on it so I was like, ?What about me is unconventional, exactly? Like, tell me.?And she said, ?Well, I think it's probably the fact that, you know, we associated you with playing Harry, the young boy wizard.? My immediate response was, ?Well, the male population has had no problem sexualizing Emma Watson?immediately.?"

Give the interview a watch below. And then give Daniel Radcliffe an imaginary high-five.


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