Calling all cyclists: there’s a nifty new gadget in town

Cycling is brilliant until you make plans for after work and have to lug a helmet everywhere. Helmets may be essential for our safety, but their bulkiness is enough to make you say, “Nah, I’ll get the bus”. But things are changing. There's a new gadget on the market that might make cycling a little more convenient.

Morpher has launched a flat-folding helmet, and changed the head protection game in the process. It folds flat and can be opened and closed in seconds, making it compact enough to pop in your handbag. When expanded, it looks just like any other helmet would (no need to fret about funny looks from passersby).

Morpher helmet

Whether you prefer discreet or flashy headwear, there’s a folding helmet for you. Morpher says it comes in a range of colours including, matte black, shiny black, silver, white and red. What’s more, it’s fully CE and CPSC safety certified so there’s no compromise on protection.


Morpher helmet

While the main draw to this helmet is its portability, the most important thing to Morpher is safety. According to their research, 92% of bike scheme cyclists don't wear a helmet; 84% feel their life is at risk by not having one. As it stands, the wearing of helmets and hi-vis jackets in Ireland is not compulsory, so it's our own prerogative to put our safety first.

Photo: Blubel, Unsplash

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