Cute Valentine's Day Cards

Long gone are the days of naff obnoxiously red cards with a bear telling your other half how gorgeous you think they are. Ugh, vomit. If that heart warming clip of real life couple Eugenia and Corinna has taught us anything it is that laughter is the perfect catalyst for romance.?The new way to your Valentine's heart is through a humorous and pun-fueled card, and we've got all the inspiration you need signed, sealed and delievered.

Be responsible when choosing your card, this is a great opportunity to support Irish artists, such as the incredibly talented and witty Fatti Burke. You'll be sure to bring a smile to your significant other's face when your feelings for their cute butt known. Or really flatter them with the assertion that your love for them outweighs Kanye's fondness for, well himself. #ComingOnStrong.

valentine's day cards

We think the punnier the card, the sweeter the sentiment, which inevitably makes for a happy Valentine's Day.


Nab the card to tickle your Valentine's heart and funny bone...

1. & 3.?Fatti Burke.

2. Diamond Donatello on Etsy


5. Bold Bunny from Sex Siopa

6. Tuesday Bassen on Paperless Post

7. Julia Rothman on Paperless Post


8. Pei Desing on Paperless Post

9. The Hipster Housewife on Etsy


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