Cute Otter Baby Breaks our Hearts

It's Friday, we're all a little weary after a long week at work (some of us a little worse for wear after a tipple or two last night) and we could do with something cute and furry with which to procrastinate. After all, who actually does any work on a Friday afternoon anyway?

Here is a video of a tiny baby otter pup learning how to, well, be an otter, and it's the cutest damn thing we've seen since the John Lewis Christmas ad (now if we could just get the penguin from ad to make friends with this baby otter, our heads just might explode with 'squee's).

Pulling at our heartstrings even more, we learn that this 5 week old baby is struggling with the basics because she was found stranded on a beach at just one week of age, unable to swim. And she's so exhausted from her difficult start in life, she sometimes falls asleep right in the middle of her lessons with her rescuers. Gets you, doesn't it? Right in the feels.

Apparently, some people are calling her Eleanor, while others are calling her Mitzy. If we were going to name her, we'd probably go with Bernie. Whatever she goes by, she's the definition of cute.


Watch here as she makes baby otter cries and learns how to emerge from the water with the help of a ramp. Bless.


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