Cucumber and elderflower cordial popsicles

In perhaps the gentlest of all the lockdown trends, it seems like the world and its Instagram-savvy mother is making elderflower cordial.

If you're lucky enough to have an elderflower plant in your garden, you've almost definitely been making flower-infused elderflower cordial and "champagne".

If like me, your garden is more industrial wasteland with a smattering of chipped pots, you might have found yourself cycling around your neighbourhood at twilight looking for the distinctive fluffy white flowerheads hanging over someone's back wall.

You might have returned to said wall with an extendable pruners hidden under an entirely unnecessary-in-20-degree-heat long coat.


elderflower cordial recipe

I say "might", of course, as any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

If you've a glut of elderflower cordial, and you're looking for recipe ideas, we've gone through the IMAGE archives to this 2018 midsummer feast, concocted by Orla Neligan and Julianne Brogan of BlackSheep Foods, and captured by Liosa McNamara.

Cucumber and edible flower popsicles

cucumber and elderflower cordiial popsicle

Serves 6


  •  selection of edible flowers
  • 120ml elderflower cordial [try Richmount Cordial Company if you haven't homemade]
  • 710ml water
  • sliced cucumber


  • Place edible flowers and cucumbers into ice pop moulds.
  • Mix elderflower cordial and water in a large jug and gently pour into your moulds, being careful not to move the flowers too much.
  • Insert your ice pop stick and place in the freezer until frozen solid.
  • To remove from the moulds, gently heat the top of the mould in warm water until your ice pop comes free.Other ideas for popsicles could be strawberries and champagne, cucumber and gin, and for kids,  lemonade and mint or mixed berries.

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