Crafternoon: the feel-good way to spend an afternoon with friends

I’ve done a few “crafternoons” in my time, so I guess you could call me a seasoned crafternooner. There’s just no activity that brings the warm-and-fuzzies quite like an afternoon spent getting crafty with friends. And I really mean it.

As a fully fledged adult you may have doubts about the concept, which is understandable. But allow me the next three minutes to convince you of the joys that this eclectic activity has to offer.

Crafternoons are a great way to catch up with old friends, especially when the pouring rain, or snow, makes outdoor activities unlikely (which is, let’s face it, a frequent reality when living in Ireland).

Crafternoons are great way to get together without the presence of alcohol, but a few glasses of vino or G&T can definitely be thrown in the mix. They might even help get the creative juices flowing. Plus the phrase “crafts and cocktails” does have a nice ring to it.

Don’t feel daunted if you’re not “the creative type”. The beauty of arts and crafts is that it includes a vast range of activities: everything from birthday cards, bunting, knitting and egg painting qualify. Sure, even those adult colouring books can get a look in. What’s more, any actual crafting talent is far from necessary; sometimes it’s people’s lack of talent that adds to the fun and laughs.


You won’t find a better way to facilitate elongated chats with friends while indulging your inner Art Attack-obsessed child. With a nice break from the social media/ tv screen, you come away with something to show for your day, and light skip in your step.

So what are you waiting for? Put the invite out in the WhatsApp group, pop the kettle on, prepare a few treats, and clear the kitchen table. An afternoon of chats, crafting, laughing, (and maybe even a few cheeky cocktails, too) await!


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