Crack The Secret: Make The Perfect Poached Egg In 30 Seconds (Yes Really!)

The secret to the perfect poached egg is... DRUM ROLLLLLLL.... ?a microwave.

This method of egg-poaching is the perfect quick work breakfast or your lazy Sunday brunch sorted.

Step 1?

Boil the kettle.


Step 2

Half fill a bowl with boiling water and crack in two eggs so that they are completely submerged.

Step 3

Microwave on high for 30 seconds, then carefully check?them with a spoon and remove with a slotted spoon when they are done, drain on kitchen paper and serve.

NOTE: The eggs cook really quickly so if you want nice soft yolks make sure you keep checking them and don't cook for too long. Sometimes it takes a little experimenting to get the cooking time right with your microwave.

If you're looking for?a change from the usual brunch dish, try this Eastern-influenced poached eggs with moreish tahini dressing.

Kale, tahini and roast squash with poached eggs


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