Covering The City

The Beatyard Festival is the equivalent of a Dublin mash up. Over ten days it has combined all the food, music, art, and talks that take place regularly around the city, bringing them together into one showcase. It's a celebration of Dublin's urban life, from its small businesses to the very individuals who impact upon it.

Jim Carroll's Banter talks have been around the subject of Living City over the past few sessions, ranging from discussions about alternative spaces, to reimagining the city. As the good hack that he is Jim will be running Covering The City for its final installment, focusing on the media outlets that energise and create a sense of community around city life through content. Joining him will be a motley crew of word slingers and digital hustlers, from LeCool's Editor Kate Coleman, to LovinDublin's Niall Harbison, via Totally Dublin's Ian Lamont, and with Rabble's James Reddy. Whilst aiming at similar readerships, and with similar intentions to mine the unknown and the best of Dublin life, the publications vary significantly in both their long-term goals, their origins and their political and stylistic bent. One for the culture vultures and media geeks such as ourselves.

Takes place tomorrow at 6/6:30 pm. Admission free but to reserve a spot go here.


Illustrations by Fuchsia Macaree for CARA.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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