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The lightest, whitest looks from this week's Paris runways

Oh how I love to lose myself in the Couture Shows, dreaming of a do-over wedding, in which I'd wear some frothy masterpiece by Elie Saab? or Valentino? or Jean Paul Gaultier. Hang on, that would require bigger dreams than just planning another wedding, really, wouldn't it? rags to riches? A-list life? Park Avenue princess? zzzzz

My favourites?

Well Elie Saab, obviously. How this genius manages to do basically the same collection year after year and totally blow me away, every time, is beyond mortal comprehension.


Jean Paul Gaultier combines New Wave romance with modernist lines - the urban-sophis take on the fairytale.

Minimalist cool from Bouchra Jarrar - you couldn't get chicer, if you tried and though it's technically a shapeless coverall, this dress is sleek, sexy and oh-so-cool.

As ever, Valentino propels us into a sky-high, ethereal dream state, managing to make even a glittery cloud print super demure.


And then Chanel, well that's a youthful little aesthetic, if ever there was.

Kate O'Dowd is Editor of BASH

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