Courtney Cox Is As Competitive As Monica

Deep down, every woman knows one cardinal truth about herself. As much as we all like to think we are cool girl Rachel, at the end of the day we're Monica. We're neurotic, our hair is screwed in the humidity, and we all have a secret closet where we hide the clutter/bodies.

On Ellen yesterday actress Courtney Cox made an appearance and showed that Monica's competitive nature rubbed off on her as she played a Friends trivia game with the host. Remember that episode where Rachel and Monica lost the apartment to Joey and Chandler over a quiz? It's like that. Bonus points for anyone who can remember Chandler's job.

We're very glad to see Courtney Cox embrace her past as Monica. Especially after Jennifer Aniston was not remotely happy with Jimmy Kimmel a few months ago when he presented her with a Rachel wig for a comedy segment on the show.


Watch Courtney/Monica slay nearly all of the questions below.

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