Irish People Just Can't be Arsed to Change Banks

Anecdotally, it seems like there should be a new term in the banking acronym lexicon (which everyone older than 12 seems to have down pat)- CBA.? Or Couldn't Be Arsed. It seems most of us?just can't be arsed to change banks even if they've been overcharging us (AIB), their ATM system is compromised (Ulster Bank) or they're refusing to help you out with a loan at a decent rate and their internet banking isn't user-friendly.

A rapid fire interview with IMAGE's editorial team (a sample of 20) 'reveals that 85% of us aren't happy with our banks- the punitive charges (for using ATMs, particularly), the services (funny, archaic dial up systems in branches and interminable automated menus are just the start), the customer interface (or lack thereof). And yet we stick with them year after year. We don't seem to be able to be convinced there's anyone out there who's offering better packages to a degree where we're compelled to get off our backsides and take action.

Apparently, it's a cultural thing. Just like you're born FF or FG, you're born B of I or AIB and so you die? no matter what. If your parents didn't will you their own allegiance, you succumbed to the free piggy bank and ten euro balance in Transition Year or the free flight offers during Freshers Week and then let inertia take over. The only wise ones to challenge the lunacy of this practice seem to be The Young Ones. Here at IMAGE HQ, they're all about who's offering free phone insurance, Ticketmaster bonuses, free UK banking and who has the best online app. They think it's mad to be paying for the right to take your own money out of your account and that having to carry around a funny looking calculator yoke to make transfers is comical.


And you know what? They're right.? It's high time to take a leaf from their chequebooks - except of course they don't even know what those are- and get off our collective arses. As Obama used to say, be the change.


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