Could Your Workout Routine Be Giving You Wrinkles?

Don't panic. We're not going to sit here and tell you that your workout routine is aging you prematurely because it isn't. But, what could be happening is that you might be unknowingly straining certain muscles during your gym routines that are associated with causing wrinkles. We're not here to tell you to avoid working out, of course, but you can do a small thing to stop straining these muscles.

Here's how it works: According to Bustle, if you're over-extending and straining your neck when you work out, you could be stretching the facial and neck muscles, causing looseness and associated wrinkles. According to expert Jamie Sherrill of Beauty Mark Medical Spa, you should be taking notice of how every muscle is working in your body when you hit the gym, primarily your face and neck.

Why check your face and neck? There are two major muscles in your neck that run all the way up into your face (around the frown line region), these are known as the Platysmal Bands. Whenever you work those muscles, it affects the skin on your face.

And if you're straining those muscles in your neck, the same looseness associated with wrinkles may occur on your face. It makes sense, because, when you lift weights or do exercise that puts a strain on those muscles, they pull down on your face, causing the skin to pull down with them. You can usually see in the mirror when you flex your neck muscles or lift a weight, as those muscles in your neck may tighten and stick out. When you see this happening, take note of what you are doing to cause it so that you can correct it because it shouldn't be happening.


In short: just avoid straining your neck and this will help. Neck strain is bad anyway, so if you can sort this out, you'll potentially be holding off those facial wrinkles for a while longer yet. Just being aware of those muscles is the way to go.

Via Bustle

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