Coronavirus update: First Covid-19 death recorded in Ireland

The first Coronavirus related death has taken place in a hospital in the east of the country earlier today

The Republic of Ireland has recorded its first Covid-19 related death.

The patient, who is believed to be elderly, died earlier today in a hospital in the east of the country. The deceased is understood to have initially had respiratory symptoms and was later diagnosed with the virus following a test.

An update on the death will be given later this evening by the National Public Health Emergency Teams at its daily briefing. The first case of Coronavirus in Ireland was diagnosed on February 29. Since then, a total of 34 cases have been confirmed in the Republic. The majority of these were as a result of travel to infected areas but two were connected to community transmission. It is believed the female who has died contracted the virus as a result of community transmission.


Both cases are currently being investigated by the HSE.

According to the Irish Independent, a patient with underlying health issues who contracted the virus in a Cork hospital is also seriously ill.

Criteria for testing is now including those with respiratory illnesses who have not travelled to infected areas. This is due to the possibility of continued community transmittal.

On Monday, Saint Patrick's Day parades across the country were ordered to be cancelled as a preventative measure. Numerous sporting events have also been postponed. However, thousands of Irish racing fans are currently travelling to Cheltenham for its famous four-day racing festival. Cheltenham recorded its first Covid-19 case this week but no decision to cancel the sports event was made.

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