Coronavirus: 13 people now have COVID-19 in Republic

Another seven people have tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases in the Republic to 13

The Department of Health confirmed seven new cases on Thursday evening, among those is a case of coronavirus that has been detected for the first time in a patient who had not travelled overseas.

Four of the new cases are men from the east of the country who have travelled from northern Italy.

Two are associated with close contact with a confirmed case; two females in the west of the country.


One case of community transmission – a male in the south – is associated with Cork University Hospital and a risk assessment is underway.

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The HSE said this evening that they are rapidly trying to identity anyone the patients may have had contact with and to provide them with advice about how to prevent it spreading further.

“The HSE is now working rapidly to identify any contacts the patients may have had, to provide them with information and advice to prevent further spread,” the Department of Health said in a statement this evening.

“Ireland remains in containment phase with just one case of community transmission. This is, however, a rapidly evolving situation. Public health doctors are working hard to ensure our containment measures are operating effectively," Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer with the Department of Health, said.

"Every individual needs to be aware of how to protect their own health and the health of others."

It is understood that all affected patients are responding well to treatment.


Cork University Hospital

Cork University Hospital (CUH) has displayed 'infection outbreak' signs and warned that visitors are not allowed within specific sections of the hospital. And in an updated statement they confirmed that they would cancel all Outpatient appointments to control infection.

“All Outpatient appointments have been cancelled in Cork University Hospital tomorrow (Friday 6 March) due to Infection Control issues.

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“All patients will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Cork University Hospital apologises for any inconvenience this may cause to patients.”

The CUH emergency department remains open and routine ward operations are continuing as normal.

"Low to Moderate" 


The HSE’s main advice page outlines that the risk of catching coronavirus in Ireland is still low to moderate. It says “this may change, however, most people may continue to go to work, school and other public places, as usual”.

Anyone who knows they have been in close contact with a confirmed case in the last 14 days and has symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever) should:

  • Isolate themselves from other people – this means going into a different, well-ventilated room, with a phone
  • Phone their GP, or emergency department – if this is not possible, phone 112, or 999
  • In a medical emergency (if you have severe symptoms) phone 112 or 999

Close contact means either:

  • Face-to-face contact
  • Spending more than 15 minutes within 2 metres of an infected person
  • Living in the same house or shared accommodation as an infected person

It can take up to 14 days for symptoms of Covid-19 to show.

See HERE for more information as it becomes available. 


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