Cool Corkonians

We love Cork and we really, really love a good Corkonian (yep, we're a little biased. IMAGE HQ is home to a few fine Corkers). Here are a few of the good southerners doing great things in the Real Capital.

The nightlife in Cork is second to none, and there are two main men to thank for its success: Ernest Cantillon and Philip Ryan are the names behind some of Cork's hottest pubs and clubs. Places like Sober Lane, Electric,?Barbarossa and Voodoo Rooms are common names on the lips of nocturnal Corkonians and tourists alike, and are all the brainchildren of one or both of these lads.

Carole Horgan, owner of?The Best of Buds ( and all-round sweetheart, treats every client as if they were her best friend. Her store, located on the South Mall, is a haven of stunning arrangements and cute blackboards perched outside with day-making quotes. Her bouquets are the perfect gift for someone who did something right (or equally if you did something wrong),

The guys at?Dog Day Media originally put themselves on the map through The Ballymaloe Space Project, where they sent a jar of Ballymaloe relish into space and recorded the outcome (well worth a watch), but this was just a launchpad to a hugely successful media business with clients like OtterBox, Ed Sheeran and Warner Records under their belts. Now, the four Cork men (Alex, Billy, Eoin andWilliam) are growing Dog Day Media and working with other Cork businesses to help make the city a hub for media production in Ireland,




For more of Cork's best bits, check out our Cork Special in the October issue of IMAGE Magazine, on shelves now.

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