Cool Beans Co-Founder Sarah O'Connor On Taking A Leap Of Faith

At December's IMAGE Networking Breakfast, we're talking about seizing the moment. In business, this can mean taking big risks and a (very occasional) leap of faith. But this is what happens on the road to success; we have to take chances, grab opportunities and get going while the going is good, because otherwise, how will we know what might have been?

Ahead of our Networking Breakfast in?The Marker Hotel Dublin on December 2nd, we had a quick chat with one of our speakers, Sarah O'Connor, Co-founder, Cool Beans, to see what make her decide to go for broke:

Tell me about the moment you decided to set up Cool Beans, and went "that's it, I'm going to go for it"?

Myself and my business partner Isolde had been talking about the idea of a healthy food company that made tasty, healthy food that was also convenient for awhile but the actual moment was when we were working late one evening, giving out about the fact we were eating processed, fatty food for dinner at our desks and we said F this! Let's go for it and try to make delicious, nutritious food which people can buy in any local shop and have at home, at work or on the go.

Briefly describe one of the standout pivotal moments in you career story?


I think one of the pivotal moments for us at the beginning was getting the opportunity to be on The Late Late Show. It was hugely nerve wracking but also the best buzz ever once we went on air.

Good or bad, how did this change your business journey?

It enabled us to get Cool Beans to a national audience and it was huge for customer awareness and having that brand recognition in stores.

Is there anything you'd go back and do differently now? Why?

I think if I were to go back I would have taken the plunge to move into an office space sooner. Working from home is a necessity in the beginning but you have to have an office home also, you need somewhere for the business to live and for a team to be together to collaborate, bounce ideas off each other and have fun!

And what advice would you give to the woman hesitant to seize an opportunity?

Write down the worst thing that could happen - if you can deal with that then what are you waiting for?


The IMAGE Networking Breakfast will take place at The Marker Hotel Dublin on December 2nd, where you will hear from three women who have taken leaps of faith, with fascinating outcomes. Join editor-in-chief Melanie Morris for a morning of insight, prizes and more.


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