Cookes Kitchen Set To Open

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Johnnie Cooke, who is without doubt Ireland's most respected chef for Mediterranean Food, has just unveiled his new deli Cookes Kitchen, which'll open on Tuesday the 9th of December. Cookes Kitchen is a culmination of Johnnie's life of food adventures from the continent and the years of finding, testing, tasting exploring and challenging the spices, seasonings and the very best ingredients he could find in Ireland and abroad. Johnnie is famous for tapas, platters, and dishes bursting with flavour and colour, with influences from France Italy, Spain, Morocco, Turkey and Greece.

Available exclusively to Cookes Kitchen, which can be found in the heart of Monkstown, will be Johnnie's ready to go selection of prepared salads, soups, main meals and desserts available from either the Deli Counter or Self Serve from the chilled sections.? A first for Dublin, customers will also enjoy a Spice and Oil Bar with Johnnie's own 20 ?blended Spice rubs and personal favourite Olive oils and vinegars for sale by the half litre from large Fusti canisters. Also unique to Cookes Kitchen will be ?Johnnies? special blend own prepared cooking Sauces for use in a multitude of different ways by people looking to add interesting flavours to their home prepared meals. Hard to source meat cuts, fish, fruits and vegetables will also be available exclusively and to order for Cookes Kitchen customers. A hard to resist selection of cakes, breads, pastas, cheeses, cured hams and specialist mediterranean products will also be on shelf.


Cookes Kitchen will be offering an exclusive Christmas menu for those who are looking to take the stress out of preparing the feast on the big day. Details of the Christmas menu as well as everything else the deli has to offer can be found on the?Cookes Kitchen website.

In essence, Cookes Kitchen is a hub for lovers of food. Customers come to browse, talk food, try new flavours and find delicious things to bring home that will delight and surprise. We can't wait to try it!

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