What to Cook: Cucumber Soup with Lemon Salsa

Henrietta Clancy's Cooling Cucumber Soup with Aromatic Lemon Salsa

The salsa in this recipe is a gamechanger: put it on anything and everything - salads, pasta, egg-based brunches. Just be aware that nothing on the plate will get noticed as much as the salsa.

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For the preserved lemon salsa
20g parsley leaves
20g coriander leaves
20g pitted green olives
50g preserved lemons, pips removed
6 tbsp water
2 tbsp olive oil

For the soup
100g natural yoghurt
1 large cucumber (300g)
handful baby leaf spinach
2 tsp preserved lemon brine from jar

Place all the preserved lemon salsa ingredients up to the water in a blender and blitz. Add the oil and blend until just incorporated.


Clean out the blender and blend the yoghurt, cucumber, spinach and brine. Season and pour into two bowls before adding a generous topping of the preserved lemon mix.



Extracted from Just Soup by Henrietta Clancy (Short Books, approx €16.50), out now. Photographs by Romas Foord. - Henrietta Clancy, 2016.


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