Concrete Collar Girls

We've jumped onto this bandwagon with particular relish. For having only started their posts in October, the Concrete Collar ladies have got quite a bit of attention. This may be because Ciana March and Becky Wallace are blessed with discerning taste and a unique understanding of fashion and architecture. Or it may be because of their cool and collected blog posts, in which they model, style, photograph and provide all the written content. Their pared-back, simple and clever shoots belong to a new generation of do-all fashion bloggers and they have certainly raised bar for homegrown talent.

Here we get an advance peek at their next post that concerns itself with millinery. Placing architecture and fashion either in opposition or in harmony, here they introduce Aisling Aherne Millinery into the mix. Becky explains, ?The post stems from the fact that we were fascinated by how Aisling could juggle a millinery business with a masters in Architecture. Like us, she's interested in the relationship between architecture and fashion, and it's definitely present in her designs.?

Ciana and Becky went to Australia together a year ago and got to talking about starting a blog that covered their shared interests. ?The name Concrete Collar came from a boutique we stumbled upon in Sydney that just sold handmade collars, you know they way they'd gotten fashionable. And there it started.?


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Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna likes their Bull Island shoot and that white leather bomber!

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